Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc.

Sol Adventurers will be in Jamaica for the next three months.  We arrived about a week ago and are developing our projects for this year.  Sister Jackie’s House of Love and the youth have moved to lush, rural farm land in St. Ann’s near Brownstown.  They have been in the new house for about 8 months and there has been so much progress and beautification of the property.  There are currently corn, pumpkin, okra, scallions, peanuts, banana, plantain, coconuts, and so much more currently growing.  There is a shop that has been built on the property and we would like to build a stage on one side of the shop for stage shows and an outdoor kitchen.  There are still some repairs needed to stop ceiling leaks and the road has a few bad sections that need to be filled in.  The youth all seem quite happy with the chicken, goats, donkey and rabbits on their organic farm.  We are currently Inna the Yard with Chinna Smith organizing a crew of musicians who would like to come build a stage and put on a show for the youth and the community.  


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