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St. Croix Disaster Relief


St Croix got a devastating hit by Hurricane Maria. Many people have lost their homes. It is estimated that it will take 3-4 months to restore power. Sol Adventurers Foundation, Headwaters Catering, and Water Charity are collaborating to bring relief to the people of St Croix. Headwaters Catering will be providing a free kitchen with high vibrational food for the people of St Croix and the volunteers who are helping to rebuild. We plan to deliver meals to folks who are home-bound. There is currently a curfew in place for the people of St Croix. They are only allowed out of their homes between the hours of 12-4pm so Sol Adventurers will be providing free high vibrational programs for the youth of St Croix to lift their spirits. This will allow the parents to efficiently utilize their time to get much-needed supplies to rebuild and get their lives back on track while knowing that their children are being well cared for. Water Charity will be funding water projects so that clean water is available.  We are currently working with locals to determine the most efficient water projects that will serve the most people.  We will be updating and adding more detail as the project move along. We will be shipping solar generators, solar lamps, solar chargers, cooking equipment, water filters and food to distribute. We will be shipping with Paradise Freight in Medley, Florida.

Sol Adventurers Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit, which empowers youth globally so all donations will be tax deductible. We have been in operation for over 10 yrs, with experience working in the Caribbean. Roseanne Ware, our Executive Director has a masters degree in social work and worked with Red Cross Disaster relief for many years.

Kelley Crandall of Headwaters Catering is an Executive Chef who has catered for large-scale events for over 10yrs. She also worked in relief kitchens during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in  Louisiana. She currently feeds Veterans at the American Legion in McCloud, CA and has set up a soup kitchen to feed home-bound elders. 

Water Charity is a 501c3 nonprofit and has done more than 3,600 water, sanitation and public health projects in 72 countries, benefiting nearly 4 million people so far! With our unique and extremely efficient method of operation, and an exemplary, transparent track record of sustainable, effective projects, you will be hard pressed to find any charity, in any field, that can match their accomplishments. Water Charity is a partner of the National Peace Corps Association. Water Charity has agreed to donate funds to ensure the people of St Croix have clean water.

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Sol Adventurers wants YOU to join us in tropical JAMAICA this January! Inspire the orphans at Sister Jackie’s House of Love! Dance to Irie Reggae vibes till the sun comes up at Rebel Salute, chill on the beach, enjoy the best farm to table experience the island has to offer. Sit under an amazing waterfall and let the water splash over you, washing away all worries and stress. Let’s go. Balance mind, body and spirit on this magical, mystical island.

Make a difference for the youth and YOU! Travel with a Purpose!

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Sol Adventurers Foundation Works With Disenfranchised Children Both Here in Our Community and at a Center in Jamaica.

Executive Director Roseanne Ware brings an extensive background in social services and the mental healthcare field to the Foundation. She utilizes enrichment programs like African drumming, swimming, sailing, reggae, hip hop, art, yoga, performance and agriculture, along with mentoring programs to help kids find their passion, live more fully and give back to their communities.

The Los Angeles chapter was established in 2007 and since then 70 young people have gone through the program. Currently they have approximately 25 youths participating in a garden plot at the local Crenshaw Community Garden which recently made the 10 best community gardens in LA County. Mid City Neighborhood Council recently funded the Garden Program to the tune of $2,500.

To find out more about this program: 323.445.9014, or send us a message.


Reggae Connection Takes This Adventure From South L.A. to Jamaica

Music has made a difference for Sol Adventurers, a non-profit organization committed to empowering young people even as they struggle with crippling diseases or face the challenges that come from growing up in homeless shelters in Los Angeles or orphanages in Jamaica.

The empowerment comes when the children discover their personal gifts and share them with the world, according to Roseanne Ware, founder of the group, which is known simply as Sol, which means ‘sunshine’ in Spanish. The idea, Ware says, is to teach youths how to seek a more hopeful destiny for themselves.

Ware has some experience on seeking hope amid hard times. Her own life took an unexpected twist four years ago after a vicious pit bull nearly proved fatal.
“I found strength and inner gifts from a near-death encounter,” she says. “It came to me that I was supposed to be empowering those in need to discover their gifts and to follow that path to reach their full potential, mentoring and helping them to get the necessary resources to do so.”

According to Ware, the name Sol Adventurers came to her from a line in the Bob Marley song “Soul Rebel”.

“It was a perfect fit because this is precisely what we are doing — adventuring into each youth’s soul to help them find their gift,” she says, adding that she drew strength and inspiration through the positive images of reggae music and the overarching influence of Marley’s work.

The connection to reggae is one reason that Ware has extended the Sol Adventures program to rural Jamaica.

“Despite horrific conditions of poverty and violence, many inspirational artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Israel Vibrations and others were able to discover their gifts and share them with the world,” she says.

Back at her home base, Sol Adventurers  is currently working on an LA Conservation Corp after-school program at Henry Clay Middle School in South Los Angeles. The six-week curriculum gives students hands-on, interactive sessions that encompass visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning style to enhance creativity through music, art, writing and movement. The objective is to teach students about African history and the impact it has on the global community. Music, basic gardening skills and the exploration of students’  cultural roots all combine to help them unearth their gifts.

Now Ware is dedicated to bringing new opportunities to individuals with far fewer options, counting on private donations, funding from local after-school programs, and fundraising activities to keep the program going. She says she’s also working on a compilation CD of music to offer to donors in hopes of taking the organization’s funding level to $250,000.

Sheannette Virtue is a writer for Carib Press.
Photos from Carib Press